Pancake Mix and Maple Sugar

Pancake Mix
Organic. V
egan friendly.

Pancake is one of the world’s favorite morning dishes, but it can also be a dessert. In this pancake mix, organic and vegan ingredients have been assembled in order to give the consumer a pleasant and delicate treat. Only water or milk has to be added in order to be able to prepare this mixture.


400 gr retail box (2 bags x 200 gr) 



Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is made from evaporating the water from maple syrup. It takes 40 liters of raw maple tree sap to produce just one liter of maple syrup, and 3 kilograms of maple syrup to produce 1 kilogram of maple sugar. This is what makes the maple sugar an exclusive product. Its delicate taste and its wonderful maple aroma make it irresistible.

Maple sugar gives a subtle maple taste to food and beverages. It is particularly ideal for coffee, tea, and cold drinks.

150 gr retail glass jar

10 kg bag