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Pure Organic Maple Syrup from Canada

This very exclusive maple syrup is a completely natural product

from maple forests in Eastern Canada.

The maple syrup is obtained from the pure raw sap of the

Canadian maple trees.

Maple syrup is delicate in its taste, and sweetness.

It has a wonderful aroma and is irresistible once you have tasted it !


Nutritional information :

Maple syrup contains vitamins and minerals in higher quantities than all other sweeteners.

Contrary to white sugar, which has been processed and refined, maple syrup is untouched.

Usage :

With desserts:

Over pancakes, eventually served with vanilla ice cream

Over baked waffles, muffins, cakes -  all desserts

In fruit salads

Over ice cream


At breakfast:

On yoghurt with cereal and fruit – Very popular !

In tea or coffee


In drinks:

Milkshake, smoothies, tea, coffee

Irish coffee



In salad dressings

Use as an ingredient in hot wok dishes

Use in marinades for meat

As a replacement for sugar when baking desserts

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