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Pure food products since 1972

Our company was established in 1972 in Denmark by Mr. Ronald C. Vermont. Today the company is

run by the Vermont family . Our bottling plant, warehouse, and offices are situated 20 km north of Copenhagen.


COFRADEX’s Main Activities:


  • Global sales of Organic and Conventional Pure Canadian
    Maple Syrup and Pure Organic Agave Syrup.

  • The raw Maple Syrup is delivered from the field in bulk from
    farmers all over Canada, to our sister company in Canada:
    MicMac Inc., 6720269, Canada Inc., (Québec).
    The Maple and Agave syrup are then processed and bottled
    in our plant in Denmark (for the E
    U and adjacent markets).

  • Vertmont Canadian Lake Wild Rice: We hold concessions in Canada
    for harvesting authentic Lake Wild Rice in Saskatchewan.

  • Global sales of Organic Vegan Pancake Mix.


Certification and Quality:


  • Our plant is under the Organic Control of the Danish Food Ministry FVST.

  • Our plant has obtained the highest level attainable for IFS, BRC, The Soil Association and KOSHER certificates.

  • Our organic products are duly certified by the above certification entities.  


We Offer:


  • A very high standard of food security by adherence to the above mentioned certificates.

  • Attractive retail packaging for the consumer market.

  • Commercial packaging for the catering market.

  • Private labelling.

  • Competitive pricing.



Cofradex won in the CANADA EXPORT AWARD in 1992,  

signed by the prime minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney,
in recognition of outstanding export performance of the Canadian wild rice.


We hope that our products will be of interest to you.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information you might
require, and we shall be happy to respond. 


Best maple wishes,

The Cofradex team


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