Recipes and Usage of Maple Syrup

Usage :










   Desserts & Bakery                      At breakfast













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Over pancakes

 Over finished baked

 In fruit salads

Over ice cream

Over all Bakery and
 all desserts: muffins,
 cakes, whipped cream 
 and etc.

 In the yoghurt (optional: with               cereal and fruit) - Very used !

In  tea or coffee


Use as an ingredient when making a salad dressing

Use as an ingredient in hot wok dishes

Use in marinades for meat.

As a replacement for sugar when baking desserts

Usage: Easy things to do with Maple syrup

Desserts & Bakery  

Pour Maple Syrup over


Ice cream

Fruit salad


Muffins and any cakes

Anything with Whipped Cream

As a replacement for sugar in dessert and cakes recipes

At Breakfast

With Maple Syrup you can give sweetness and extra flavour to your:  

Coffee or Tea


(Plain or with muesli and fruits)